Waconia Dance Company 2019-2020 Classes
Monthly Tuition $52 for 1 hour class and $45 for 45 minute class

Teachers:(J) Jenny   (A) Amy (K) Kennedy  (Ash) Ashley

Beginner Preschool (45 Minute Class)
Monday 6:15 (J) 
FULL   Wednesday 9:15 am(J &A) FULL   Wednesday 5:30 (J) FULL

Advanced Preschool (45 Minute Class)

Monday 5:30(A)   Tuesday 9:15 am (J&A)    Wednesday 6:15 (A)

K-1st grade Beginner (45 Minute Class)
Tuesday 5:30 (K)
FULL     Wednesday 6:15 (J) FULL

K-1 grade Advanced (45 Minute Class)
Monday 5:30 (J)

K-1 Hip Hop (45 Minute Class)
Wednesday 5:30 (A)

2nd-4th grade Ballet, Tap, Jazz (1 Hour Class)

Monday 7:00 Advanced (J)   Wednesday 7:00 Beginner (J) FULL  Thursday 5:15 Intermediate (J) FULL  
Thursday 7:00 Intermediate(J)
2nd-4th grade Hip Hop & Pom (45 Minute Class)
Monday 6:15 Beg. Hip Hop(A)
Thursday 5:30 Adv. Hip Hop (K)
FULL,  Thursday 6:15 Pom (K) FULL

4th grade and Up Ballet, Tap, Jazz (1 Hour Class)

Wednesday 7:00  Beginner(A) Tuesday 6:15 Intermediate(Ash)    Tuesday 6:15 Advanced (K)

4th Grade and Up Hip Hop, Kick, Pom (45 minute class)
Monday 7:00 Beg.  Hip Hop (A),      Monday 7:45  Intermediate Hip Hop (A)

        Tuesday 5:30 Pom, (Ash) FULL   Thursday 6:15 Kick (J)FULL, Thursday 7:00 Advanced Hip Hop(K) FULL 

WDC Dance Team Season Classes
Run Sept- Mid October and Feb- May (These classes break during HS Dance Team Season)

Sunday 5:00 Jazz & Lyrical (Grades 7th-9th) (Ash & K)

Sunday 6:00 Jazz & Lyrical (Grades 9th-12th)  (Ash &K)

Sunday 7:00 Hip Hop Production (Only Feb- May grades 7th-12th) (Ash & K)

Tuesday 7:15 Jazz & Lyrical (Grades 7th & 8th) (Ash & K) FULL

Tuesday 8:15 Jazz & Lyrical (9th-12th Invitation Only Class)  (Ash & K)

Thursday 7:45 Jazz & Lyrical (Grades 9th-12th)  (K)​

If the class you want is full ask to be added to the waiting list. 

​​​​Waconia Dance Company Fall 2019 Classes​​

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